Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Choi Ji Woo - Korean Actress

Sebenarnya saya tidaklah sampai tergila-gilakan sangat actress korea ni tapi saya suka menonton drama-drama yang dilakonkannya.

Saya suka melihat mukanya walaupun tanpa solekan. Pelakon-pelakon dari korea kadangkala saya lihat amat jarang mengenakan mekap yang agak tebal berbanding pelakon kita di malaysia.

Inilah serba sedikit mengenai Choi Ji Woo yang saya ambil dari internet :-

Choi Ji Woo (born June 11, 1975 in Paju, South Korea) is a South Korean actress and model.
Choi Ji-Woo was first discovered when she won a talent audition organized by MBC in 1994.

The younger of two children (she has an elder brother) born to Choi Woon-Yong and Yun Gil-Ja, the actress made her debut in the 1995 drama Love and War, changing her given name Choi Mi-hyang to her stage name, Choi Ji- Woo. Choi also appeared in the one of the highest rated dramas in Korean history (65.8% viewership) First Love. That was the first time she was paired with Bae Yong-Jun.

The pair later continued their chemistry in 2002 when Choi co-starred with Bae Yong Joon in the popular Korean drama series Winter Sonata produced by KBS and directed by Yoon Seon-Ho. Winter Sonata was the 2nd installment of Yoon's seasonal dramas (preceeded by "Autumn Tales" and succeeded by "Summer Scent" and "Spring Waltz"). This drama was credited as one of the initiators of the Korean Wave in Japan.

Prior to that in 2001, Choi Ji-Woo gained popularity with her role of a orphaned girl who deals with leukemia in Beautiful Days. He co-stars included Lee Byung-Hun, Ryu Si-Won and Lee Jung-Hun.

She continued her ratings winning streak with another drama in 2003 called Stairway to Heaven with Kwon Sang-woo. The main location of this drama was set in the amusement park, Lotte World.Choi has gained a wide Japanese following since Winter Sonata. Her Japanese fans sometimes refer to her as "Princess Ji Woo" (ジウ姫).

Cho Ji-Woo graduated from Pusan Sooyoung Elimentary, Sooyoung Girl's Jr. High, Dukmoon Girl's High School and majored in aerobics at Pusan Woman's Professional College's Dance Department. In 2001, she enrolled in Hanyang University's Department of Theater/Film Studies. She completed her first year but had to withdraw from college studies subsequently due to her hectic work commitments.

Currently, Choi Ji-Woo is filming the MBC weekend drama "Air City", her comeback drama in more than 3 years. In the series, Choi plays Han Do-Kyung, Chief Operating Officer of an airline company. The role requires her to be multi-lingual. The main location of this drama takes place at Incheon International Airport in South Korea. Her co-stars include Lee Jung-Jae and Lee Jin-Wook. The trio have just completed their photo shoot for the poster in February. The 20-episode drama will debut on MBC on May 12 and conclude on July 15.



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* 1995: Korean Isabelle Ajani Award


kakyong said...

kakyong pun suka tgk dia berlakon.. suka kat dia pun sbb antara aktress korea pertama yg dikenali.. melalui winter sonata..

shelly Yusop said...

lakonan dia bersahaja la kakyong. bila part menangis kita pun boleh nangis sama kan.. winter sonata tu berulang2 shelly tgk. dah la hero hensome heroin pulak cute...